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wei juliang inspects wujing power plant, conducts safety supervision

on the morning of july 23, 2020, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang and his delegation went to wujing power plant to carry out a research and work safety inspection.

after listening to the report on work safety, business development, party building and other aspects made by wujing power plant, wei juliang fully affirmed that the power plant managed to maintain safety production and workforce stability with all the staff of appreciating the overall situation confronted with difficulties. he stressed a few points as follows: first, further grasp "general safety", focus on political security, production safety, normalization of epidemic prevention and team harmony and stability, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise. second, further tap potential and increase efficiency, pay special attention to "grasping the more advanced and less advanced while controlling the middle-level", lower fuel cost by mixed blending of imported coal, expand profitability by generating more effective electricity, and ensure efficient, safe and economic power generation of units through refined management. third, further stimulate the vitality of human resources, tap the potential of the workforce in an in-depth manner, give full play to the plant's repair and o&m advantages, and expand a broader market in wind power repair and maintenance. finally, wei asked the power plant to carry forward the tradition, forge ahead despite the burden, start a new undertaking and attempt to create new achievements.

during the research, wei and his delegation went to the centralized control room of unit 8 and unit 9 and fuel dock shift team to carry out safety inspection and convey greetings to the employees sticking to the front line in high temperature. they also inquired about the detailed situation of zhang haifeng's team in "protecting the mother river", visited tang bin innovation workshop and listened to the report on the research and development of new technologies by tang bin.

the related leaders of sep production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and wujing power plant participated in the event.

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