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sep holds 3rd headquarters labor union representative meeting successfully

on august 13, 2020, sep held the third headquarters labor union representative meeting successfully, and elected the new members of labor union committee, fund inspection committee and female employees committee. sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan attended the first meeting of "three committees", expressed warm congratulations on the successful convening of the meeting, and also extended congratulations to and put forward sincere expectations for the new leading team of "three committees".

in his speech, wang yundan pointed out that sep headquarters labor union has been following the leadership of the company's party committee and sep labor union over the years, always taking safeguarding the interests of workers as the starting point and the landing point of the work, adhering to finding the right position and making a difference, taking the initiative, performing duties earnestly and achieving remarkable effect in various fields of work under the strong support of various branch labor unions and all members, actively playing the role of labor union organizations to unite, contact and guide workers, and making positive contributions to the harmonious and stable development of sep headquarters.

wang yundan asked the headquarters labor union to improve its work to a higher level under the leadership of the new leading team "three committee". first, continue to safeguard the immediate interests of the workers, build a working system with wide range of contacts aiming to serve workers, make every effort to do more practical and good things, effectively protect and maintain the physical and mental health of workers, and promote harmonious, healthy and high-quality development of the enterprise. second, consolidate its own construction in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development in the new era, follow the pace of transformation and development of the company, strengthen the optimization of resource allocation, focus on the central work closely, unite the majority of employees to play the role of the main force, and ensure the effective implementation of key tasks and planned objectives of the company headquarter. third, listen to the demands and expectations, play the role of a bridge and link, focus closely on the striving goal of the workers for a better life, actively broaden the service scope, improve service level, make service measures more precise, enrich carriers and means, refine and improve to the details of various caring measures, and constantly enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security of the workers.

the meeting called on the branch unions and all members of sep headquarters to closely unite around the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core, unswervingly follow the developing path of socialist labor union with chinese characteristics, overcome difficulties with enterprising and innovative spirit, and make new and greater contributions to spic's construction of a world-class clean energy enterprise, to shanghai's accelerated construction of "five center" and socialist modern metropolis with global influence, and to realizing the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

the meeting also reviewed and approved the work report of the second headquarters labor union committee and the work report of the second fund inspection committee by voting. thanks to the joint efforts of all the representatives, the meeting completed various tasks smoothly.

a total of 24 headquarters labor union member representatives and 5 non-voting delegates were present at the meeting.

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