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wang yundan, wei juliang meet siemens energy senior executive

on september 4, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan and president and deputy party secretary wei juliang met with siemens energy executive vice president and china head yao zhenguo and his delegation at the company headquarters. sep deputy president xia meixing was also present.

the two sides reviewed their past good cooperation in wind power, gas turbine, etc., exchanged ideas and analyzed the current domestic and overseas offshore wind power, floating wind power, offshore wind power hydrogen production, integrated smart energy and other cutting-edge development as well as the technical economic situation, and jointly planned to carry out practical cooperation on the "zero carbon island" demonstration project in malta.

wang yundan introduced the main work and achievements made by sep in striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise, as well as the development of overseas projects, highlighted the company's investment and multinational operation in malta, and shared the relevant progress of pushing forward the "zero carbon island" demonstration project with high standard and high quality. wang hoped that siemens could give full play to its advantages in technology and local market resources, and focus on accelerating practical cooperation with sep in malta's "zero carbon island" demonstration project based on the domestic and overseas cooperation package.

yao zhenguo highly praised sep's business development performance and strategic layout in recent years, and introduced the development of siemens' energy and industrial equipment in europe and china. he said that spic is the forerunner and pioneer in leading china's clean energy transformation, and that the close and all-round cooperation between siemens and spic has become one of the key platforms for exchanges between china and germany. siemens will actively leverage its technology and equipment advantages, and work closely with sep in the "zero carbon island" project in malta to promote practical cooperation.

the leaders of relevant departments of the two companies attended the meeting.

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