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hu jiandong inspects sep green energy, xinyuan development

on september 25, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong went to sep green energy and xinyuan development to conduct a research.

at sep green energy, hu listened to the report on the company's technology route, business model, production and operation, as well as the project construction of world expo energy center and west bund energy center project and other related situation, and went to the centralized control room and production site for a field inspection.

hu pointed out that promoting clean energy substitution on the consumption side is an important direction for the future development of energy and power, and also an important strategic initiative of sep in practicing ecological priority and green development. at present, the company should not only continue to seek good development opportunities on the energy production side, but also make efforts on the consumption side, speed up the establishment of system and mechanism which adapt to the development of integrated intelligent energy, form a mechanism and atmosphere to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship for all, and strive to blaze a new road to boost the high-quality development of integrated smart energy, so as to contribute experience and achievements to spic.

hu stressed that the new bund project has a pioneering and exemplary significance in the development of integrated smart energy for sep and even spic, and also is highly compatible with shanghai's requirements for the development of new business forms. the company should comprehensively summarize the practices and experience in the design, construction and operation of the project, in order to provide guidance and reference for future project development. besides, the company should follow the situation closely, think positively and explore bravely on the system and mechanism construction of integrated smart energy, pool the wisdom of the staff, stimulate the vitality of the team, and endeavor to build an important platform and brand for the development of sep's integrated smart energy.

at the site of world expo building project developed by xinyuan development, hu carefully inquired about the construction safety, quality, progress, etc. of the project, and praised the construction situation. he pointed out that the company should continue to overcome various difficulties, mobilize all the participating parties with scientific coordination, adhere to proper personnel allocation, duty performance and measure implementation, supervise the construction and supervision units, carefully organize human resources, guarantee safe, civilized and standard construction, ensure that the project is advanced with high quality as scheduled, accelerate the function positioning of the project, and work hard to create a model project of building construction in the world expo park.

the main leaders of sep green energy and xinyuan development accompanied hu on the inspection trip.

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