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sep holds 7th session of 7th directorate meeting, board of supervisors meeting

on the afternoon of october 28, 2020, sep held the seventh session of the seventh directorate meeting and board of supervisors meeting in shanghai. the members of the company's board of directors and supervisors attended the meeting. also present were part of the senior management, heads of related departments and witnessing lawyers.

the meeting of the board of directors was chaired by hu jiandong, who was unanimously elected as chairman of the seventh board of directors of the company by all the directors. the meeting listened to the report on the company's operation in the first three quarters of 2020 delivered by wei juliang, board director and president of sep, and reviewed and passed the q3 report of 2020 and the proposal on investment in shanghai sunwise new energy system co. presided over by zhang zhenping, the board of supervisors meeting reviewed and passed the q3 report of 2020.

all the directors and supervisors fully affirmed the company for actively overcoming the impact of covid-19 and achieving outstanding operating performance and remarkable development results in the first three quarters, and expressed their heartfelt thanks to wang yundan, former chairman of the company, for his contribution to the company's business growth, innovation and development and corporate governance. regarding the work in the fourth quarter and the next stage, the company was required to strengthen work safety, focus on playing the "three decks of cards" well, speed up reform and innovation, enhance risk prevention, and ensure the completion of various annual goals and tasks.

hu jiandong appreciated all the directors and supervisors for their long-term support and trust, and said that the company will effectively improve the construction of intrinsic safety, make every effort to realize the business objectives, be based on the yangtze river delta region and oriented to the yangtze river economic belt, radiate the whole country and open eyes to the whole world, achieve high-quality and sustainable development, and strive to create long-term, stable and growing returns for the shareholders.

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