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jiang yi inspects sep

on november 5, 2020, spic president, deputy secretary of party leadership group and board director jiang yi came to sep to conduct a research together with a delegation. wu jianghong, spic chief legal officer and director general of law and enterprise management department, and shi yanbiao, chief international business officer, accompanied him on the investigation trip. sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong, deputy party secretary and president wei juliang, deputy president guo baohong, cfo chen wenhao, and secretary of discipline inspection committee li e attended the meeting.

jiang yi listened to the report on the company's operation and development and the preparation of the 14th five-year plan delivered by sep, and fully affirmed the support and leading role played by sep in the development of shanghai and the yangtze river delta as an important listed company and regional development platform of spic. regarding the high-quality development of sep, jiang yi put forward a few requirements as follows: first, the new leadership team should study and plan the development positioning, direction and development focus of sep in the new era facing new historic opportunities, implement the requirements of spic party leadership group, listen to a wide range of opinions and pool the wisdom of the whole company while mulling the 14th five-year plan; second, the company's development should strengthen the value concept and risk concept, enhance the market value management of listed companies, and improve value creation and high-quality development capacity; third, actively carry out the requirement for the three-year action of soe reform, further focus on corporate governance, equity incentive, and stimulating the vitality and creativity of the enterprise, etc. based on the "double-hundred action" reform pilot program, continue to promote the deepening of soe reform and enhance the comprehensive effectiveness of the reform; fourth, make a good planning for the 14th five-year plan period centering around the "three decks of cards", improve the quality and efficiency regarding the existing deck of cards, do a good job in the combined development of centralized and distributed new energy regarding the incremental deck of cards and focus on the development of "three new" industries and make a good layout plan of electrical energy replacement regarding the future deck of cards; fifth, give full play to the advantages of regional coordination platform and listed company, serve the regional strategy of the country of spic well, and complete the coordinated development jointly with the associated units of spic; sixth, attach great importance to risk prevention, further strengthen the research on preliminary project management, summarize experience and lessons learned, conduct risk control management in advance, enhance the risk control capabilities of project development, and make up for the deficiency; seventh, adhere to the party leadership and strengthen the party construction and guide the high-quality development of enterprise with high-quality party construction.

sep deputy chief economist shi mingwei and related leaders of general office, planning and development department, finance department, policy and legal affairs department, international business department and corporate culture department participated in the meeting.

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