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spic conducts work safety inspection on sep

from december 9-17, 2020, spic organized a work safety inspection on sep, and extended the inspection to six of its affiliated companies, namely tianji power plant, caojing power plant, sep new energy, wujing power plant, sep green energy and hami gas-fired power generation. on december 17, the final meeting on work safety inspection was held at sep headquarters to announce the inspection situation. director general of spic safety, quality and environmental protection department tao xinjian, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang, deputy presidents guo baohong, huang chen, xia meixing and zhai deshuang, and discipline inspection committee secretary li e attended the meeting.

tao xinjian spoke highly of sep for its operation and development in recent years, and also analyzed the problems existing in the accident which occurred on october 16. he put forward a few requirements and suggestions for the company's safety management work in the next step as follows: first, further analyze and reflect on the problems with the safety accident deeply in terms of responsibility and ideology; second, thoroughly assess the practicality and effectiveness of the company's management system; third, discuss the further strengthening of the leadership supervision and inspection mechanism at all levels in order to enhance the management effect; fourth, insist on demonstration first and play a leading role; fifth, do a good job in various aspects of production safety at the turn of the year to ensure that the safety guarantee is carried out in place.

wei juliang expressed thanks to all the leaders and experts of spic for their careful guidance during this safety inspection. he said that the work safety inspection carried out by spic is not only a supervision of the work safety performance of sep leadership team, but also a comprehensive "physical examination" on the various aspects of work of the company's safety production management. moreover, it is an in-depth instruction and spur on the company's work safety after the "october 16" accident, with feedbacks which are objective, comprehensive, realistic, and point directly at the root cause. in the next stage, sep will seriously study, analyze and rectify the feedback problems, and eliminate them one by one. the company will also unify thoughts and actions in accordance with the requirements of spic, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, carry out experience feedbacks, and effectively improve the work safety performance ability and work safety management level of personnel at all levels.

sep general counsel wu ming, deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, and leaders of various departments participated in the meeting.

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