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hu jiandong inspects grassroots units

from december 9-11, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong and his delegation went to sep operation, sep engineering, minhang gas-fired power generation and caojing power plant to conduct a research on grassroots units.

at sep operation, hu jiandong affirmed the company's work of assisting sep in talent training, job transfer and "going-global" development. he also put forward a few requirements as follows: first, further improve the effect of staff training, continue to strengthen skill training for the staff, and enhance the staff's internal technical ability and external competitiveness; second, in the process of implementing sep's development strategy, accelerate its own transformation and development, rely on the existing business to explore the potential of high-end clean energy market potential, clarify the new positioning and create a new brand; third, build a team with loyalty and excellent quality, give full play to the advantages of employees of all ages, and establish a platform to assume important responsibilities.

at sep engineering, hu jiandong listened to the company's report on operation and development, work safety, party building, cadre training, etc. he also raised a few requirements as follows: first, unify the thoughts, seize the opportunity, assume heavy responsibilities bravely, pool the wisdom and strength, and lead vast numbers of workers to unite together and create a new situation; second, focus on the key points, center on efficiency, improve the quality of transformation and development, and do a good job in renewable energy expansion, gas turbine project and other key projects; third, improve the party construction; fourth, reinforce the training of cadres and talents, and attempt to produce experience and talents through engineering projects.

at minhang gas-fired power generation, hu jiandong inspected the site of the project construction, and listened to the report on the project progress, team building and production preparation by the company. he stressed that the company should pay close attention to the project construction and strictly control the safety and quality in the first place, and enhance the team construction and attach importance to the training of young talents.

at caojing power plant, hu jiandong spoke highly of the power plant for its achievements in operation and development through innovative development and quality improvement centered on efficiency. he also put forward a few requirements as follows: firstly, deepen and refine the responsibilities of work safety, conduct benchmarking and re-evaluation of the existing safety management system with the highest standard; secondly, promote various aspects of innovative work steadily, implement the value concept and risk concept into all the work gradually, and develop experience for sep in the process of implementation; thirdly, continue to enhance the personal value of employees through the platform of caojing power plant, and bring out greater benefits of the enterprise; fourthly, proceed from reality in all the work and seek truth from facts; fifthly, strictly perform the integrity and self-discipline.

during the research, hu and his delegation went to the circular coal yard of caojing power plant to check the sludge disposal situation on site.

meanwhile, hu and his delegation conducted one-on-one interviews with the cadres of each company, and also carried out democratic evaluation of the leadership team and democratic recommendation of outstanding cadres.

the main leaders of sep human resources department and corporate culture department participated in the research.

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