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sep staff study party history, honor revolutionary martyrs

when tomb sweeping day draws near, a group of party members wearing the party emblems will be seen standing silently and bowing in respect before the tomb of wang xiaohe, an outstanding representative of the working class, located at longhua martyrs cemetery in shanghai. as a tradition of sep to carry forward the "red gene", the activity has been held for 23 consecutive years until now. this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, on this special occasion, the group of commemorating the martyr grew larger, with the party members of shanghai regional party building committee joining in together to pay tribute to martyr wang xiaohe, who was also a power industry worker, and to appreciate the spirit of wang xiaohe.

on the morning of march 30, 2021, sep carried out the tomb sweeping event at longhua martyrs cemetery, and specially invited 73-year-old wang peimin, daughter of martyr wang xiaohe, to participate in it. sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong, snptc (snerdi) deputy party secretary and acting labor union chairman ye yuanwei, spic energy engineering deputy party secretary and labor union chairman huang dongsong, and snpsc discipline inspection committee secretary and labor union chairman li wei, as well as more than 40 party members, applicants for party membership and youth league members from snpas, speri, spic aluminum international trading, cpne and sep, joined in the event.

in front of the revolutionary martyrs monument, they presented a flower basket, observed silence and bowed three times, expressing their sincere reverence and deep commemoration towards the revolutionary martyrs.

subsequently, everyone went to the tomb of martyr wang xiaohe to pay their tribute. wang pei min, accompanied by hu jiandong, ye yuanwei, huang dongsong and li wei, offered flowers and bowed to the martyr. all the comrades who participated in the tomb sweeping presented flowers, bowed and paid homage to the martyr in turn under the flying party and league flags.

wang xiaohe's heroic deeds constitute the party history once experienced and witnessed by yangshupu power plant affiliated to sep, which is also a unique memory of the glorious party history casted in the company. in the party history study and education, the company will continue to enrich and improve the existing "red resources", build new channels with the regional party building and joint units, further hand down the spirit of wang xiaohe, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the cpc with outstanding achievements.

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