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sep adopts 'four nos, two straights' to improve safety inspection

recently, in order to fully implement the decision on strengthening current safety production work by sep party committee and promote the practice of "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict punishment" for workshops, shift teams and all staff, the company's president and deputy party secretary wei juliang and deputy president zhai deshuang took the lead in adopting the "four nos and two straights" approach, went deep into changxing gas-fired power generation, caojing power plant, wujing power plant and other affiliated companies to carry out safety inspection, aimed at anti-violations of regulations, troubleshooting of hidden dangers and focusing on rectification, and held direct exchanges with front-line staff, playing an exemplary role in conducting work safety inspection without formalities.

"four nos and two straights" refers to no notice, no call, no debriefing, no escort or reception, and go straight to the grassroots and straight to the site. general secretary xi jinping spoke highly of the safety inspection method of "four nos and two straights" during his inspection tour to qingdao, shandong province in november 2013. state administration of work safety issued a notice on establishing and improving unannounced inspection and secret visit work system of "four nos and two straights" for work safety in september 2014, which set "four nos and two straights" as an ideological and working method to improve safety from the institutional level. "four nos and two straights" is a summary of the experience of safety inspection, the innovation of safety supervision mechanism, and also an important means of improving the quality of safety inspection. the safety inspections carried out in the past often had notice in advance with pre-determined objects and scopes of the inspection, which could result in the company under investigation having enough time to prepare for it. "four nos and two straights" is aimed at timely finding existing problems and hidden dangers through unannounced inspections, accurately grasping the most real work safety situation at the grassroots level, and forming a strong deterrent effect through follow-up enforcement, so as to fundamentally prevent the formalities such as going through the motions.

during his work safety inspection of "four nos and two straights" on changxing gas-fired power generation, wei juliang went directly to the production sites including the central control room, hydrogen station, natural gas pressure regulating station and shift teams, examined the situation of anti-violations of regulations, operation risk control, execution of "two tickets" and shift team construction, with spot checks of the frontline staff on the related requirements of "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict punishment", and then held a feedback symposium immediately, focusing on the problems and arranging rectifications. zhai deshuang went to the unit maintenance sites of caojing power plant and wujing power plant for random inspection. through going straight to the site unannounced, they found out one serious violation, three general violations and four management problems altogether at the above three power plants, effectively sized up the first-hand situation of the implementation of the safety production requirements by the company's party committee at the grassroots level, and quickly organized the formulation of corrective measures. especially for those acts of violations, they were all strictly assessed and punished in accordance with the upper limit of the relevant system.

in the network era, there are increasingly varied methods for the leading cadres to understand the grassroots. nevertheless, "fingertips" cannot replace "toes", "tablets" cannot replace "feet", "keyboard-to-keyboard" cannot replace "face-to-face", and "ask baidu" cannot replace "ask the people". as this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the cpc, the opening year of the 14th five-year plan (2021-2025) and the start of the second phase of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035", to accomplish work safety is particularly critical and very important. the leading cadres at all levels should put themselves in it from the political perspective, clearly understand the serious situation of work safety confronting them, steadily utilize  the "four nos and two straights" working method, master the frontline situation, analyze the crux of the problem thoroughly, carry out the basic work properly, and work together with the vast numbers of employees to think of ways to solve the problem and ensure the implementation, in order to build an impregnable fortress of work safety and promote the sustainable high-quality development of the enterprise.

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