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wei juliang conducts 'four nos, two straights' inspection on luojing power plant

on august 12, 2021, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang went to luojing power plant to carry out a "four nos and two straights" inspection. "four nos and two straights" refers to no notice, no call, no debriefing, no escort or reception, and going straight to the grassroots and straight to the site.

wei juliang and his delegation went to unit 1 workshop, natural gas regulator station, chemical water treatment plant, the dismantling area of the original oxygen generation plant and other production sites, focusing on checking the operation of on-site equipment, fire safety and civilized production. following the field inspection, wei juliang held a discussion with the power plant leadership team and main leaders of the production department.

wei juliang pointed out that luojing power plant should adhere to "one highlights and two strengthens", further complete the six special improvement tasks of "work safety, accurate loss management, whole staff development, fighting for every kilowatt hour of electricity, risk solution, assessment and incentive", and go all out to ensure the accomplishment of various annual goals and tasks.

wei juliang put forward a few requirements as follows: first, strictly implement the major responsibility of work safety production, strengthen the "terminal" management, pay close attention to the fundamental safety construction, and comprehensively improve work safety management; second, proactively connect with baoshan district government, and accelerate the development of new energy and integrated smart energy; third, follow the trend to make layout of future business development, and continuously improve the operating indicators to achieve the goal of loss reduction; fourth, rigidly control the personnel and equipment, and make preparations for power generation in the winter peak season.

during the inspection, wei also visited the secondary reverse osmosis plant at the chemical water treatment site operated and maintained by sep energy technology, and noted that the company should consistently improve the power supply safety during the summer peak season, make every effort to guarantee work safety and staff stability without any slack, and ensure the successful completion of all the tasks during the summer peak.

the leaders of sep production department and safety, quality and environmental protection department participated in the inspection.

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