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hu jiandong inspects waigaoqiao power plant

on august 26, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong led a team to waigaoqiao power plant to conduct a research.

hu heard the report on safety and environmental protection, party construction, production and operation, epidemic prevention and control and transformation and development by the power plant, with an in-depth understanding of the difficulties and problems faced by the power plant, and put forward related requirements for the next-step work.

hu stressed that all the staff of waigaoqiao power plant should further implement the important remarks of general secretary xi jinping on work safety, adhere to putting work safety in the first place, clearly understand the current situation, problems and loopholes of work safety, keep in mind that work safety is the prerequisite for all the work, effectively implement the concept of safety first into various links of production and operation of the enterprise, and form a good atmosphere for the whole staff to improve work safety strictly in a whole-procedure and all-round manner.

hu pointed out that reform needs refined management and strict requirements, and that all the staff of the power plant should enhance the ability to think about problems and carry out work independently, and actively adapt to the requirements for refined management improvement.

hu also raised a few requirements as follows: first, comprehensively implement work safety responsibilities, refine the content of work safety responsibility letter, strengthen the intrinsic safety management of personnel and equipment, ensure that the work safety requirements are carried out to the letter, the work safety pressure is transmitted in place a hundred percent, and the work safety targets are decomposed and implemented properly at each level, and resolutely eliminate the occurrence of various types of accidents; second, give full play to the role of regional companies, accelerate the transformation and development in the new situation, continue to explore new ideas and methods, establish new mechanisms, optimize and adjust management models and constantly improve management while promoting the equivalent capacity replacement project of waigaoqiao power plant units; recognize the changes in the internal and external situation clearly and comprehensively, and optimize and adjust the personnel organization and resource allocation timely so that the management relations better adapt to the new development situation; fourth, change the ways of thinking, size up the situation, deeply implement "one highlight and two strengthens", provide a strong driving force for the high-quality development of the enterprise, and improve the capacity of value creation for the whole staff.

during the research, hu and his delegation conducted one-on-one interviews with the cadres of the power plant, along with democratic assessment of the leadership team and democratic recommendation for outstanding cadres.

the related leaders of sep human resources department and corporate culture department and waigaoqiao power plant participated in the research.

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