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hu jiandong meets spic assistant president, ugtc chairman shu guogang

on september 14, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong met with shu guogang, spic assistant president and ugtc party secretary and chairman, and his delegation at the company headquarters.

hu jiandong welcomed the arrival of shu guogang and his delegation. he introduced the company's work in gas turbine construction, operation, maintenance and overhaul as well as the development of electrical and hydrogen energy replacement. he said that the independent development of heavy-duty gas turbines is of great significance to implementing china's innovation-driven development strategy and accelerating the construction of an innovation-oriented country. sep will lend full support to the construction of the heavy-duty gas turbine project and hopes that the two sides will leverage their respective advantages, strengthen the gathering of talents and industries and jointly promote the implementation of relevant projects.

shu guogang expressed his gratitude to sep for its warm reception, and introduced the development planning of ugtc and the progress of china heavy-duty gas turbine testing and verification base. he said that ugtc is carrying out the construction of the company's headquarters base, r&d and innovation base and testing and verification base in lingang special area, and is promoting the construction of design and manufacturing integration and gas turbine innovation center vigorously. he hoped that both sides will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of gas turbine operation, maintenance and repair, hydrogen-powered turbine, etc., and achieve mutual advancement and synergistic development.

the related leaders of sep development department and science, technology and innovation department and lingang scientific research base participated in the meeting.

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