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wei juliang inspects caojing power plant, conducts 'four nos, two straights' inspection on minhang gas-fired power generation

in order to implement the requirements of the notice on special supervision on safety and supply guarantee of central enterprises by the sasac, sep president and deputy president wei juliang was assigned by spic to lead a team to caojing power plant to carry out special supervision on safety and supply guarantee on behalf of china huadian corporation ltd. on november 10, 2021.

after hearing the report on work safety and power supply guarantee in the coming winter-spring period deliverer by caojing power plant, wei juliang led a team to inspect the dock, t3 transfer station, induced draft fan and booster fan integrated transformation site, maintenance site and central control room, and spoke highly of the power plant for implementing the safety measures of "managing boldly, shouldering responsibility bravely and distinguishing honor and shame".

wei juliang put forward a few requirements as follows: first, make every effort to improve the power supply guarantee work, deal with the relationship between power supply guarantee and safety properly, take safety as the prerequisite and assurance for power supply, and optimize the coal supply plan in combination with the trend of coal prices; second, strengthen work safety, stabilize the unit operation, implement the related safety measures solidly and ensure the safe power supply of units; third, have strict control of the construction schedule to ensure the completion of the overhaul on time.

on the noon of november 10, wei juliang led a team to the construction site of minhang gas-fired power generation to carry out a "four nos and two straights" inspection. "four nos and two straights" refers to no notice, no call, no debriefing, no escort or reception, and going straight to the grassroots and straight to the site.

wei and his delegation checked the f-class gas turbine generation unit, central control room and h-class gas turbine plant especially, and carried out safety and civilized production inspection on the construction sites of the natural gas regulator station, chemical water treatment, "zero emission" and other areas.

wei sang high praise of the leadership team and all cadres and workers of minhang gas-fired power generation for their courage to shoulder responsibility and good spirit.

for the next stage of work, wei raised a few requirements as follows: first, pay close attention to work safety as always, especially continue to improve engineering safety and commissioning safety, and go all out to ensure the commercial operation of f-class gas turbine within the year; second, strengthen risk awareness, adhere to the bottom line of compliance with the law, properly deal with various complicated issues in the project construction, and ensure the long-term and stable operation of the unit after operation; third, enhance the inheritance of good work style, and educate and guide young cadres to inherit and carry forward the good style of minhang power plant, so that the spirit of minhang power plant can spread and flourish.

the related leaders of sep production department, fuel management department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and news center participated in the above inspection.

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