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the leaders of shanghai electric power accompanied the mayor - han zheng to meet with the government delegation from the state of victoria in australia


source:shanghai electric power   writer:     date:sept.21,2012

on sept. 19,general manager - liu guangchi and deputy general manager - guo baohong ,both from shanghai electric power co.,ltd.,accompanied mr. han zheng-the deputy party secretary and mayor in shanghai to meet with governor ted baillieufrom the state ofvictoria in australia at hengshan hotel, aiming to boost the sino-australia project cooperation on upgrading and mouldingof lignite .

han zheng introduced the economic development in shanghai to victoria guests,hoping that the two sides could strengthen exchanges,complement each other's advantages and cooperate in many fields. during the meeting,he specially introduced leaders of shanghai electric power present and said that local shanghai government would actively encourage and support the "going out" strategy of shanghai electric power,especially in the sound energy cooperation with victoria government.

the victoria governor thanked local shanghai government for the warm and friendly reception, and in the meantime, he said they would vigorously support shanghai enterprises like shanghai electric power to develop in victoria state,work jointly with them to develop the local resources and advance the economic growth and prosperity between the two places.

prior to the meeting,han zheng carefully listened to liu guangchi's explanations on the important instructions made by the group and leaders of shanghai during the two sessions and carried out by shanghai electric power, on acceleration of such projects as caojing phase-ii,igcc,alcoa,world expo site, etc.,as well as on the project of upgrading and moulding lignite conducted between shanghai electric power and australian side .

led by the group's "three-step" strategy,shanghai electric power vigorously promoted "four transformations",and expedited transformational development,especially the transformation to the situation of actively using resources at home and abroad. based on the rich lignite resource of victoria state in australia,shanghai electric power carried out the cooperation with victoria state in the project of three million tons of brown coals. the project is promoted successfully at present.

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