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kanshan power plant awarded 鈥極utstanding company鈥?in xuzhou鈥檚 鈥楢nkang cup鈥?competition

銆€銆€recently, the federation of trade union and the administration of work safety of xuzhou銆€銆€announced and presented awards to the advanced groups and individuals in the 鈥淎nkang銆€銆€cup鈥?competition of xuzhou in 2014. kanshan power plant was awarded the title of 鈥淥utstanding company鈥?in the competition.

銆€銆€in 2014, the power plant adopted various measures, and carried out a series of activities including 鈥淧roduction safety month鈥? special inspection on production safety, special operation against illegal practices and violations of production safety and 鈥淎nkang cup鈥?knowledge contest, aimed at encouraging the enthusiasm and initiative of the staff as well as creating a favorable atmosphere for paying attention to and ensuring safety. thanks to those activities, the staff safety and health education has been enhanced, their safety precaution awareness and ability improved, the mpany鈥檚 safety culture construction accelerated, and its steady and harmonious development realized.

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