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sep labor union holds staff dragon boat race of 2015 successfully

on august 30, 2015, sep held staff dragon boat race of 2015 successfully at shanghai aquatic sports center. sep chairman wang yundan, and secretary of disciplinary inspection committee and chairman of labor union, gu ai attended the activity and gave speeches. chen bihua, director of education and sports department of shanghai federation of trade unions, and ding wei, director of economic work department, were also invited to attend the opening ceremony.
on that day, colorful flags flew under the boundless blue sky, at nearly 300 players of 12 teams from sep and its subsidiaries filed into the arena of shanghai aquatic sports center. gu ai delivered the opening address, and encouraged the athletes to advance bravely in the same boat, achieve new fashion and good result, and strive to win the competition while showing spiritual civilization. amid warm applauses, wang yundan declared the opening of sep staff dragon boat race of 2015.
the dragon boat race was divided into preliminary contest and finals, with competition course of 300 meters. each team participated in two preliminary contests, whose total score determined the groups and passes for the finals. through tight and wonderful contest, sep operation took the crown, wujing power plant and sep fuel won second place and third place respectively, while caojing cogeneration, caojing power plant, waigaoqiao power plant ranked fourth to sixth respectively.
wang yundan, gu ai and other leaders presented awards to the winning teams, and shook hands with all the athletes, who were greatly inspired.
aimed at enriching the cultural life of the staff, the staff dragon boat race will further arouse the vigor of sep staff, encourage them to work with more enthusiastic, energetic and promising state of mind, and lead them to realize value creation at a wider, higher and deeper level.

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