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spic website: sep deploys party-masses, discipline inspection work of 2016

recently, sep put forward the requirement of accomplishing party construction and mass organization work under the general thought of 鈥淏roaden party construction, strengthen system, increase cohesion and create value鈥? meanwhile, the company continues to uphold the party discipline, stick to focus on fighting against the corruption of 鈥渇lies鈥?around the mass workers, and provide solid support of political discipline for its reform and development.


on the party-masses work in 2016, the company will firstly study and follow the implementation opinion on carrying out comprehensive and effective party discipline, further strengthening and improving party construction work and the implementation opinion on strengthening and improving mass organization work under new situation; secondly, develop learning education activity of 鈥淭hree learns and one practice鈥? thirdly, forge ahead with company culture construction; fourthly, improve mass organization working level; fifthly, accomplish lean party branch and lean team construction work.


on the discipline inspection and supervision work in 2016, the company will in the first place fully implement 鈥淭wo responsibilities鈥?as the important starting point of solidifying the construction of the party work style and clean government; second, complete the promotion and implementation work of the party regulation, persist in the standard while holding on to the bottom line; third, strictly comply with the requirements of 鈥淔ive self-examinations and reviews鈥?by the group company, and solidly accomplish the rectification of the 鈥淔our bad working styles鈥? fourth, actively carry out the event of anti-corruption publicity and education month, complete compulsory exercise while finishing optional exercise, and move forward with the strategic pass.

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