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spic website: kanshan power plant addresses coal supply strain

since the fourth quarter of 2016, sep kanshan power plant has been actively braced for the stressing conditions inside and outside the company, guarding the local safety with the spirit of "iron army" while calling for all the cadres and staff to keep up good performance with firm confidence, carry forward the strivers鈥?fighting spirit, make their greatest efforts to win the final battle in q4 and complete all the annual targets and tasks. due to fuel supply strain in the upcoming winter, the power plant has been strengthening the efforts to tackle the pressing need of coal supply.


since the second half of this year, the national policy to cut coal production capacity has started to kick in, and thus power plants have been plagued by rising thermal coal prices and worsening supply shortage. with increasing load factor of generation units and expanding thermal coal demand since october, kanshan power plant has been actively implementing related requirements of jiangsu provincial government and sep, keeping a close watch on the market information with in-depth analysis of current fuel procurement situation, seriously arranging coal storage plans, requiring relevant departments to report daily coal stock and procurement planning, steadily pushing forward winter coal storage work and lean coal yard management, and make every attempt to ensure thermal coal supply and guarantee the electricity supply in the winter peak.


the power plant attempted to make up the shortage of coal shipment by way of increasing motor transport, worked overtime and extra shifts to unload coal despite limited coal yard resources, and required department heads and professional staff to take turns on duty, reinforced field supervision on coal unloading, and solved problems on site timely. in addition, the power plant urged related crew to accomplish seamless shift change, in order to ensure the safety of persons and facilities.


in the meantime, the power plant has endeavored to complete collection, processing and analyzing procedures for the newly-shipped coal in a timely manner, work out the proportion of blending combustion, so as to improve the economy of thermal coal and maximize the economic value of fuel.

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