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spic website: caojing power plant passes 'standardized good practice enterprise' aaaa certification

on july 20, china electricity council (cec) standard management center conducted on-site certification of "standardized good practice enterprise with aaaa rating" at caojing power plant. following site assessment by the cec panel, the power plant passed the examination with an excellent score of 482.


the cec panel conducted the overall appraisal by way of listening to the report, holding field survey, consulting reference and visiting relevant departments, and highly affirmed caojing power plant for integrating risk control and performance indicators into standardization construction, with valuable suggestions on the follow-up work.


as the "window" enterprise of sep, caojing power plant shoulders the responsibility of inheritance and innovation. since the kick-off meeting on the construction of standardization system was held on may 17, 2016, the power plant has been pushing forward the system construction according to the timeline with high standard and strict requirement, and has solidified 246 basic standards, 2300 technical standards, 208 management documents and 144 working standards via msd platform in total. now that the standardization system has been in operation for more than a year, the internal resource allocation, management efficiency and working performance of the enterprise have improved significantly, with the standardization of production, operation and other related management activities strengthening continually.

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