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china electric power news: three power plants at waigaoqiao reach new level

at the northeast corner of shanghai, the estuary of the yangtze river, three modern power plants, with a total installed capacity of 5000 mw, are the energy landmarks of pudong new area as well as the blood banks for the economic and social development of pudong. over the past 20 years, with the boom of development and opening-up of pudong, the energy "blood" provided by waigaoqiao power sources has been flowing to every construction site of pudong through the increasingly strong power grid, nourishing the industry, finance and trade which started from scratch, from little to mickle, from weak to strong. pudong, which created a miracle of reform and opening-up, also made a miracle of china's power generation history.


"since shanghai opened its port, many power plants have been built in puxi, such as yanghsupu, zhabei, wujing and shidongkou power plants. it could be said that the economic development and electricity development of puxi complement each other. as long as pudong needs to develop and open up, the economy will need great development, and thus the electricity demand will increase by leaps and bounds. in that sense, power distribution in pudong became an urgent task then," feng weizhong, who participated in the construction and operation of three power plants at waigaoqiao, told the reporter. he is now vice chairman of waigaoqiao no. 3 power plant.


"the three power plants of waigaoqiao witnessed the process of china's thermal power units converting from subcritical to supercritical and then to ultra-supercritical. the subcritical unit of waigaoqiao no. 1 power plant was once the benchmark of thermal power units in china, and was later transferred to waigaoqiao no. 2 power plant. with the passing of time, waigaoqiao no. 3 power plant once again created a miracle in china's thermal power history," said shi min, general manager of waigaoqiao no.3 power plant.


broad sea bears springing fins, and vast sky breeds soaring feathers. thanks to the large-scale development of pudong, chinese thermal power units have also learned from the foreign countries and become leading in the world, accomplishing not less than pudong's historical achievements in reform, development and opening-up.

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