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spic website: sep mozura wind power project realizes power receiving for substation as planned

at 7:28 pm local time, november 16, 2018, the 46 mw mozura wind power project in montenegro realized power receiving for the step-up substation as scheduled, marking another solid step towards the goal of realizing grid connection and power generation with full capacity in early december.


since its official commencement in november 2017, mozura wind power project overcame various difficulties such as tight schedule, complicated construction conditions, obstacles in obtaining various licenses thanks to the joint efforts of all construction parties, completed on-site civil works and foundation concreting successfully, finished the hoisting of the first wind turbine generator (wtg) in april 2018, accomplished hoisting of all wtgs on august 1, 2018, submitted an official application for acceptance to the montenegrin government in on september 26, and on november 12, the project was granted the permit for line breaking by the government, which approved of the grid access for the booster station of the project.


due to the rapid increase of winter load in montenegro, only 82 hours of line breaking period was approved by the power grid of montenegro. therefore, under the coordination and instruction of related departments of the company, montenegro project company and the epc contractor sep engineering made careful planning and arrangement, gave full play to the synergistic effect of joint operations in overseas project, completed all the difficult work including tower installation, overhead line construction and grid access within the required time, finished all the defects rectification tasks in accordance with the requirements, and realized power receiving for the booster station bus, main transformer, and station transformer at one go successfully.


the successful grid access and power receiving for the substation indicated a decisive breakthrough in advancing mozura wind power project.

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