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spic website: sep new energy staff ensure power safety despite severe cold

at the turn of the year, when it was in the severe cold of winter, a number of pv power plants of sep new energy suffered from heavy snowfall. employees braved the biting cold and kept busy with snow removal and power supply safeguarding every day.


at laoheishan pv power plant in south china, which is over 2400 meters above sea level, the biting cold and piercing cold wind greatly increased the difficulty of outdoor work. the staff fully carried forward the spirit of "plateau tigers", endured hardship and hard work, took early actions to increase the frequency of inspection on all the transmission lines and conduct special supervision on the equipment. the company assigned personnel to increase the frequency of patrol inspection on the booster station switches, knife brakes and terminal boxes especially, in order to ensure normal operation of the equipment in low-temperature environment. they also took advantage of the good weather to clean the modules timely and complete the weeding work in the pv area, so as to improve the conversion rate of pv modules and the power generation.


at macheng pv power plant and huarong pv power plant in central china, the staff quickly threw themselves into the battle of "fighting wind and snow and ensuring power generation" due to the first heavy snowfall. according to their respective responsibilities, the staff carried out the snow removal work for the pv panels the first time to prevent the equipment from freezing damage and affecting the safe production and operation of the power plant. they united as one, worked intensely but orderly, and completed the task of removing snow and ensuring power supply successfully.


each kilowatt of electricity is worth competing for. these strivers fighting in the frontline and braving the cold to contest for power generation have the spirit of "plateau tigers". they are the renewable energy workers chasing the sun, making their due contribution to the clean energy industry of spic.

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