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spic website: it is time to struggle in early spring

since february, sep caojing power plant has taken the opportunity of low coal prices and high planned electricity output, adopted various measures to ensure safe fuel supply and guarantee power supply for the spring festival.


since the power plant has no outage plans for the units during this spring festival, the two units had to undertake the power generation task with high load. according to the dispatch plan, the power plant planned to generate 1 billion kwh of electricity in january, which corresponded to 13 ships carrying 520,000 tons of coal scheduled to arrive at the port within 28 days of the month, meaning unloading tasks for almost every day. considering the great temperature changes of coastal areas in winter accompanied by fog, wind and other uncertainties, untimely unloading will not only lead to high demurrage charges, but also affect the safety of the fuel stock and the economy of blending combustion of the power plant. therefore, the power plant launched a battle for fuel safety during the spring festival.


in order to ensure the safety and stability of power generation and heating during the festival, the power plant intensified inspection on the fuel system before the festival to find out equipment defects timely, and adopted effective measures to strengthen defect elimination and maintenance on unloading equipment, strived for same-day defect correction and guaranteed safe and reliable operation of the fuel system during the festival. meanwhile, the power plant further standardized storage management of arriving coal, and the coal yard improved scientific stacking, burning old storage while leaving new storage, on-site inspection and other related measures in accordance with the load plan and mixed burning scheme, ensured the safety of coal storage and endeavored to minimize the heat value loss.

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