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spic website: sep youth learn from lei feng

it is china's 56th "learn from lei feng day" on march 5, 2019, and also the 20th "chinese youth volunteer service day". as president and general secretary of the cpc central committee xi jinping has pointed out repeatedly, lei feng is not only a model of the times, but also the backbone of our nation. in order to learn from lei feng's good example, sep youth played a movement of positive energy with volunteer service, and blew the horn of the new era with lei feng spirit.


volunteers from minhang power plant, caojing power plant, caojing cogeneration and sep operation cared for the elderly, held talks with the elderly living alone near the plant, made wontons, played finger exercises, cleaned the house, read newspapers, cut hair and washed hair for the elderly, and brought happiness to them. volunteers from kanshan power plant paid visits to the elderly and left-behind children in the impoverished families nearby, donated books and stationery to the children, accompanied them and encouraged them to study hard. volunteers from huaihu electric power went to songmiao primary school at guandian township, fengtai county, huainan city to carry out the "hand in hand and send warmth" activity, and donated about 200 books, multimedia equipment and school supplies to the school library.


volunteers from wujing power plant held the "protect mother river" activity in wujing park, salvaging floating garbage from huangpu river, and participated in the small appliance repair community welfare activity titled "here comes lei feng". volunteers from yangshupu power plant, sep engineering and minghua electric power distributed leaflets on electricity use knowledge to community residents, explained knowledge of using electricity, provided tips for energy conservation, answered questions about household electricity use, carried out prize-giving quiz on knowledge of electricity use, and conducted regulation of shared bicycles along yangshupu road. volunteers from caojing power plant, sep new energy and sep investment carried out the activities of glasses cleaning, used batteries recycling and garbage classification publicity in the plant area, weifang community and xiaodongmen street respectively. volunteers from tianji power plant conducted traffic order maintenance and traffic civilization propaganda activity jointly with panji district traffic police brigade. volunteers from sep operation maglev project department carried out passenger flow diversion activity at longyang road subway station. volunteers from sep green energy went to parks to conduct environmental protection and trash clean-up activity.


volunteers from luojing power plant and sep operation tianji project department carried out the plant area cleaning activity, learned and publicized garbage classification, and contributed to the clean environment of the plant area. volunteers from sep operation caojing power generation project department conducted the "lei feng spirit with us" learning and publicity activity. volunteers from waigaoqiao power plant spread the knowledge of garbage classification and disposal to the citizens in gaoqiao town through the roll up banner, and held a charity sale, the proceeds from which will be used to help poor students. with the aim of "protecting the island environment and creating an ecological island", volunteers from changxing island power plant carried out the garbage cleaning activity on the 300-meter-long mud flat under their jurisdiction. volunteers from minghua electric power went to shanghai railway station to conduct the "warm return home" activity and provided service for passengers returning to shanghai.


great love is boundless. in order to pass down lei feng spirit from generation to generation, all the employees of sep need to work hard together for a better future in the new era.

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