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wenhui daily app: sep shares quality innovation experience at ciie

on november 8, 2019, the international quality innovation forum, as a supporting activity of the second china international import expo (ciie), under the theme of "quality innovation promoting global sustainable development", was held in shanghai, which was sponsored by shanghai association for quality.

at the forum, two shanghai-based companies, also the winners of the global performance excellence awards (gpea) 2019, shared their experience in quality innovation and sustained success of the enterprise. wang yundan, chairman of sep, a winner of the gpea 2019, delivered a speech on "fulfilling social responsibility and promoting sustainable development".

"we should not only create economic value, but also create value for the society, and that needs a number of promises. for example, in terms of the commitment to our customers, we would like to provide the most reliable energy and services for all our customers. as to the commitment to our employees, we want to offer a stage to all employees to show their value of life. regarding the commitment to our shareholders, we would like to realize the most valuable return on investment. to this end, we have worked out a strategy maps guided by quality," wang said.

taking sep's cases in malta and japan as example, he illustrated that fulfilling social responsibility and taking a win-win path of common growth will lead to sustainable development.

with the mission of providing green energy and serving the public, sep will focus on the strategic orientation of "an advanced energy technology developer, clean and low-carbon energy supplier and energy ecosystem integrator" in the future sustainable development. it is both spic's purpose and strategy and sep's vision to build a world-class clean energy enterprise, and the company should achieve a win-win situation together with the society and the people during this process, said wang.

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