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since the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, sep has deployed prevention and control measures, led all the cadres and staff to firmly implement the decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee and the state council as well as the prevention and control work requirements of shanghai municipal party committee, shanghai municipal government and spic, raced against time and left no stone unturned to launch the war against the epidemic resolutely.

race against time, early planning, early action and early prevention

sep has kept a close watch on the release of authoritative information on the epidemic, actively responded to the call for prevention and control, and immediately established an emergency response team with the company's party secretary and chairman wang yundan as the leader, deputy party secretary and president wang huaiming as the deputy leader, and the main leaders of relevant departments as the team members, in order to study and deploy the prevention and control work. subsequently, a number of workgroups such as the epidemic prevention and control leading group, epidemic prevention working group, zero report group, novel coronavirus epidemic contact group and epidemic prevention publicity group were set up one after another; boxes of epidemic prevention materials through emergency procurement were successively distributed to the hands of the staff at various units of sep; anti-epidemic publicity information such as "mask selection and wearing" and "family prevention" was pushed to every employee via the company's official wechat account, all kinds of wechat workgroups, etc. the first time.

restudy, redeploy and remobilize

on january 25, 2020, the company's major leaders convened an emergency meeting again to study and arrange the epidemic prevention and control matters with various departments, and launched an level i response to the company's mass disease emergency the same day, detailing prevention and control measures from the aspects of carrying out work responsibilities, caring for the staff, implementing reporting system strictly, complying with work discipline rigidly, etc., marking that the company entered a "state of war" comprehensively. on january 26, the company published the first issue of the "emergency information bulletin" to ensure the delayering of the epidemic prevention information. on january 27, the company issued a notice on "further strengthening prevention and control work of novel coronavirus pneumonia for overseas companies" aimed at overseas personnel. on january 28, the company issued a notice on "improving care for staff's family members working on front line of epidemic prevention", requiring that all should complete the epidemic prevention work while caring for the family members of the staff fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control including all levels of hospitals, health and epidemic prevention centers and local health commissions, so as to relieve their worries at home.

in this war without the smoke of gunpowder, all the domestic affiliated companies of sep have been taken action and united strength in accordance with the company's requirements, widely mobilized and organized the staff, further implemented the work requirements of "carrying out prevention and control measures more strictly, more meticulously and more practically". overseas units have fully implemented the relevant work in compliance with the related epidemic prevention requirements of the local governments and chinese embassies and consulates in the host countries.

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