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spic website: sep operation takes multiple measures to win battle against covid-19

recently, sep operation earnestly implemented the decision and deployment of party organization at the higher level, took multiple measures and went all out to win the battle against the epidemic resolutely.

first, strengthen organizational leadership. the company immediately established the emergency and rescue headquarters led by the general manager, and launched the first-level response to the epidemic prevention and control. the company strictly implemented the "zero report" system every day, covering all project departments in and outside shanghai, so as to effectively control the physical health of all employees. it formulated and published the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control manual, and sent to every employee to improve their awareness and preparedness. it also actively used information tools and held meetings through wechat and video platforms to minimize the number of people gathering and ensure the orderly progress of epidemic prevention and control as well as production and operation.

second, ensure work safety. while preventing and controlling the epidemic, the company did everything it could to ensure workplace safety. tianji project department coal handling operation team overcame local transportation restrictions which led to the coal inventory strains and personnel problems, strengthened overall planning of workforce, formulated the technical measures for coal shortage and technical measures for coal slime blending combustion, etc., and took multiple measures, including regulation of coal at corners and increasing the cleaning frequency of coal hanging on the wall, to ensure the safety of fuel supply. pudong energy project department is responsible for the heating task of terminal 2 of shanghai pudong international airport. according to the owner's practice that the side windows should be opened from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day to ensure the air circulation, which led to the increase in the operation load, the project department enhanced the patrol inspection of the equipment, eliminated hidden dangers in time, and effectively guaranteed the owner's energy use demand.

third, refine the isolation service. the company made every effort to accomplish the work of quarantine personnel in skill training center, and ensured the completion of tasks assigned by the superior unit. it formulated such requirements as "accommodation instructions during novel coronavirus epidemic period", "health status information registration form" and "check-in commitment", and actively allocated staff to perform various disinfection and cleaning tasks before check-in in strict accordance with the requirements. the company also set up a wechat group of quarantine persons, with daily tracking of temperature, meal delivery and other matters, and helped solve urgent problems in the first time. considering that the quarantine personnel may not have made sufficient preparations before check-in, sep operation took the initiative to purchase milk, instant noodles, biscuits and other living supplies and distributed them to each person. such meticulous care and attention truly reflects the warmth of sep's "big family".

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