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spic website: sep minghua electric power improves 'six-dimensional care' for epidemic prevention

since the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic, minghua electric power has been closely following the epidemic prevention decision making and deployment of sep, and taking a series of vigorous measures to ensure the implementation of "six-dimensional care" for epidemic prevention, to effectively protect the personal safety of employees, to pool the strength of the whole company to win the battle of the epidemic prevention and control and to escort the smooth resumption of work and production.

the company provided care for the daily commuting of employees, the employees returning to work from outside of shanghai, the employees living in the makeshift dormitory, the retired employees, the staff's family members fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and all the compatriots faced with the epidemic, encouraging everyone to gather strength and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic.

at present, except for several employees stranded in hubei province, all the other employees of the company have adopted the flextime system, strengthening epidemic prevention and control while combining with the characteristics of sci-tech enterprise, focusing on preliminary preparation of the project, remote technical supervision and diagnosis optimization, etc. and making solid preparations for securing double victory of epidemic prevention and economic development goals. thanks to the "six-dimensional care" of the company's epidemic prevention efforts, vast numbers of the employees will definitely be able to unite as one and overcome the difficulties together, and not only win the battle of epidemic prevention as soon as possible, but also complete various annual tasks and goals.

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