detail spic provides safeguard for staff's family members fighting covid-pg电子娱乐官方网站 spic provides safeguard for staff's family members fighting covid-19

in the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, people from all walks of life are doing their best to win the final victory, among whom are spicers and their wives, husbands, children and parents ...

they are not alone. at the first time of the outbreak of the epidemic, qian zhimin, secretary of party leadership group and chairman of spic, sent his sincere greetings to all the cadres and staff, always putting the safety and health of employees and their families in the first place. "one person fighting the epidemic, the whole family providing support, and the entire spic protecting them", spic sent a "reassurance pill" to every family with loving care.

as early as january 30, 2020, spic party leadership group issued a "letter to the staff's family members fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention", which revealed its high respect for the staff's family members and the determination to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. the letter also published the service hotlines set up by the headquarters, party affairs department and various subsidiaries of spic, with personnel arranged to be on duty around the clock to pay attention to the dynamic information of the staff's family members supporting the front line at any time.

spic also released a "notice on the implementation of five measures on caring for employees by utilizing the role of mass organizations", stating that for employees whose family members are involved in frontline medical care and treatment of the epidemic, tangible support should be provided for their families, and appropriate methods such as extended leave and flexible office can be adopted to help solve practical problems in daily life such as caring for children and the elderly. in addition, spic has coordinated with the relevant departments to set up a staff service hotline in order to listen to the appeals and demands of the staff and resolve their practical difficulties.

the company effectively played the role of party and mass organizations at all levels to care for employees, leading vast numbers of employees to be confident and to actively engage in epidemic prevention and control as well as ensuring safety, production and stability and other related work.

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