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spic website: kanshan power plant makes new breakthrough in 'deep peaking' to fight epidemic, ensure power supply

due to the influence of the 2020 spring festival holiday and the novel coronavirus epidemic, the load on the power demand side of power grid in jiangsu province has been low recently, with the peak-to-valley difference remaining high. in order to ensure stable power supply to the grid, kanshan power plant is doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic without relaxing production control, and actively developing auxiliary services for the power market, and has achieved new breakthroughs in deep peaking. since this year, kanshan power plant has participated in deep peaking 24 times, with the preliminary estimate of compensation revenue at nearly rmb 10 million, exceeding the 2019 annual deep peaking compensation by more than rmb 4 million, which has made a positive contribution to the company's "good start" in achieving the annual operation indicators in 2020.

at the beginning of this year, the power plant held a special meeting on "deep peaking", and required all relevant departments to cooperate closely to improve technical measures and schemes, and to make deep peaking "realistic, refined and strong". as the main implementation department, the power generation department of the plant grasped the opportunity and seriously studied and made deployment faced with the situation of weak peaking ability of the power grid, and carried out deep peaking in place according to the working concept of "gentle in appearance but firm at heart".

the power plant took the initiative and strengthened communication to become "gentle in appearance". it acquired the understanding and support of the dispatcher through active communication, and made every endeavor to obtain the opportunity for deep peaking. thanks to its efforts, all the peaking operations executed by the power plant were temporary calls, which realized the maximization of peaking revenue.

the power plant also increased pressure on itself and implemented hardcore management to become "firm at heart". in terms of economic coal blending combustion, the power plant strictly prohibited from refuse deep peaking because of the lack of suitable coal, and firmly avoided the reduction of economic coal blending ratio due to deep peaking. in the aspect of professional technical guarantee, the power plant emphasized "internal control first, system first". as regards the operation management, the power plant continued to strengthen the foundation, intensified the acceptance and storage of production materials, strictly implemented the "two tickets and three rules", paid close attention to the quality of monitoring and inspection by operation personnel, and improved the ability of operation analysis and accident handling. through multi-pronged implementation of various measures, the power generation department has fulfilled the deep peaking goals with action.

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