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spic website: sticking to posts with responsibilities

this winter, a sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has swept the cities and the countryside, forcing people to stay indoors. as the  staff of an electricity enterprise, the operation and maintenance personnel of sep gaoyou pv power plant has always been sticking to their posts to ensure the safety of the power plant equipment.

the epidemic in early 2020 has put a unpredicted stop to this spring festival holiday for the entire nation. due to the regulation measures during the epidemic, gaoyou pv power plant o&m personnel were unable to perform the duty shift as usual. after instructing those colleagues who could not go to work normally due to the control measures, deputy general manager of the power plant xie yue and main operator zou wenbin took up the responsibilities of ensuring the power plant safety. during the whole month starting on january 25, they did not go home even once, maintaining the safe operation of power plant equipment conscientiously while accomplishing the epidemic prevention work, doing their own bits for winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

the current epidemic situation is still complex. although they could not fight against the virus on the front line like the medical workers, people from all walks of life are sticking to their respective posts and making quiet contributions. no winter will not pass, just as no spring will not come. in this special period, gaoyou pv power plant o&m staff are adhering to the spirit of fearing neither hardship nor tiredness and the spirit of dedication, and protecting the safe operation of the power plant in silence.

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