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spic website: changxing gas-fired power generation awarded 'safe unit', 'smart security unit' of zhejiang province

recently, zhejiang provincial public security department issued a "notice on deepening assessment results of construction of 'safe units' in 2019", according to which sep changxing gas-fired power generation was awarded the honorary titles of the provincial "safe unit" and the first batch of provincial "smart security unit" in 2019, becoming the only power generation enterprise among the 11 winning units in huzhou, zhejiang province. this is also the first provincial advanced title won by the power plant.

in 2019, changxing gas-fired power generation placed the construction of provincial "safe unit" as a key task of the year in line with the concept of "promoting management with construction, assisting in construction with management". with the party secretary and general manager taking the lead to deploy related work in person, organized by the general office and coordinated by various functional departments, the power plant established and improved the prediction, early warning and prevention mechanism centered on smart security work, starting from various aspects including human defense, technical defense, material defense, rules and regulations establishment and team management, constantly enhanced the ability to prevent and resolve risks, and eventually passed the strict evaluation of the provincial public security department.

since its founding, there has not been any public security incident of any nature at changxing gas-fired power generation. the power plant has been  actively performing the entity responsibility of ensuring security, pushing forward the construction of intelligent security constantly, protecting the dual stability of public security and production of the enterprise, securing the enterprise vision of "creating a benchmark 9f-class gas-fired power plant, striving for national electric power industry quality award and building a civilized unit in zhejiang province" for the power plant, and contributing the strength as a central soe to the stability of public security and order as well as the modernization of governance in the province.

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