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spic website: sep japan makes new breakthrough in epidemic prevention, production stability

recently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continued to spread in japan with the rising number of confirmed cases, and especially the amendment on "law on special measures to combat novel influenza" passed by the japanese parliament lately triggered concern that the japanese government will have the right to declare the country into an "emergency". in the face of the severe situation, sep japan, focused closely on spic's requirement for "three 100% comprehensive coverages", adhered to "one country, one policy", and made new breakthrough in the overall advancement of epidemic prevention and stabilization of production.

since the outbreak of the epidemic, sep japan has maintained close contact with chinese embassy in japan, paid timely attention to the prevention and control initiatives and requirements issued by the embassy, reported on the company's various prevention measures, cooperated with the completion of the survey on the impact of the epidemic on the production of chinese enterprises in japan, and visited commercial section of the embassy regularly. the "emergency plan for prevention and control of novel coronavirus epidemic" and other related prevention measures formulated by the company were highly praised by the commercial section of the embassy. at the same time, in accordance with the initiatives and precautions of the embassy, japanese business federation and china enterprise confederation as well as the new judgment and requirements of spic and sep for overseas companies, sep japan promptly stepped up the prevention and control measures including the implementation of staggered shifts for employees during the epidemic, ensuring reserve of epidemic prevention materials for at least 14 days of use and inclusion of staff's co-residents in the scope of personal information reporting. the company also held briefings for the residents (landowners) at the site where the related project is under construction, and distributed epidemic prevention materials such as masks and hand sanitizer to the local residents while introducing the process of the project and communicating with them on coordination issues, and thus established a good image of chinese company in the local community.

in view of the severe epidemic situation, the company compiled a "plan on stabilizing work and production during epidemic" with the goal of stabilizing production, operation and project construction, carefully analyzed the situation of the projects in operation and under construction affected by the epidemic, and formulated corresponding countermeasures based on the prediction of the end of the epidemic which occurs in march, june and december respectively. the company paid special attention to the implementation of work and production stability, and effectively ensured the smooth and orderly progress of production, operation and project construction while strengthening epidemic prevention and control.

sep japan has always put the safety and health of employees in the first place, and taken multiple measures to improve caring for employees during the epidemic, and extended to their family members. the company's caring initiatives have won the unanimous praise of chinese and japanese employees, providing a strong backing for the company to win the virus battle.

the whole staff of sep japan united as one, fully carried forward the "three thousands" hardworking spirit, adopted a rapid and powerful combination of measures for epidemic prevention and production stabilization, ensured orderly implementation of all the key projects during the epidemic, and achieved major breakthroughs in project development, construction and work safety, which has taken another significant step for sep to realize high-quality development in japan.

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