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sinotrans overseas wechat: sinotrans strives to ensure smooth shipment for hunutlu thermal power plant project

in early february 2020, at the peak of the novel coronavirus epidemic outbreak, sinotrans turkey hunutlu project team, jointly with the shipping teams of sep emba electricity production inc. (emba), cpipec and avic-intl project engineering company, worked together to carry out epidemic prevention and control strictly, overcame difficulties such as the shortage of vehicles at the ports and the lack of shift teams due to quarantine and medical observation of port workers returning to their posts, and completed a single shipment of 30,000 cubic meters of cargo from two domestic ports of tianjin and shanghai on time with quality and quantity assured.

at the beginning of march, the epidemic situation in china was basically under control, showing positive signs across the country. nevertheless, the epidemic started to spread rapidly and gradually worsened abroad, and the number of newly confirmed cases began to rise in turkey, indicating a bleak outlook for the epidemic situation. under such circumstances, the vessel carrying 30,000 cubic meters of materials and equipment for the construction of hunutlu project arrived at sanko port in turkey, and sinotrans turkey project team coordinated with both domestic and overseas staff, taking the efficient and effective prevention and control measures at home as reference, arranged the epidemic prevention and control measures suitable for the actual situation in turkey in advance, and ensured the execution of unloading, customs clearance and land transportation in a powerful, orderly and effective manner.

on march 21, 2020, the steel structure of no. 2 boiler of hunutlu thermal power plant project was erected successfully in turkey, realizing efficient and safe logistics transportation of cargo from the loading port to the construction site all through, which was attributed to the leadership of the project team of the owner and epc contractor as well as the logistics support of sinotrans.

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