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spic website: sep implements conference spirit

recently, sep held the annual work meeting of 2020 and the fourth session of the third workers' congress, which implemented the spirit of spic's annual work meeting of 2020, the second session of the first workers' congress and the first party leadership group (enlarged) meeting of 2020.

regarding epidemic prevention and work resumption, all the departments, affiliated companies and employees of sep sticking to anti-epidemic front lines have obtained outstanding achievements. the company called on all to learn from the heroes in harm's way, boost their spirit and encourage the company's party members and cadres at all levels to overcome the current crisis.

on striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of "first-class strategy in 2035", the company required all the cadres and staff to appreciate the situation, address the unprecedented change which is once in a century positively, grasp the opportunities and challenges of energy revolution and digital transformation accurately, deal with the relationship between "big and small" and "far and near" correctly, adapt to the trend, apply the "two one-kilometers" well, and take the initiative to accomplish work.

as for the work in 2020, the company raised a few requirements as follows: first, stick to the annual business goals and key tasks firmly, do a good job in "efficiency first", make great efforts in the "two one-kilometers" and take more practical measures in "double benchmarking and double incentives", so as to ensure that we can finish the 12-month work with high quality within nine months; second, adhere to the thinking of lean management and rely on lean and benchmarking to grasp the existing business; third, persist in turning crisis into opportunity, and expand the incremental business by value creation; fourth, insist on leveraging the advantage of party leadership and promote further improvement in various capabilities.

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