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spic news: sep's 5 keywords to build 'model house' for integrated smart energy development

located in the core area of shanghai hongqiao cbd, hongqiao venture capital harbor is the first fund-oriented town in shanghai, which has attracted many top vc/fund management firms at home and abroad to open office there. recently, the town has added a new feature with its smart and efficient energy supply system which is safer and cheaper. meanwhile, a platform named "energy e manager" has been launched, which allows customers to keep track of the energy supply situation of the villa where they live through the app of "energy e manager".

the five keywords, i.e., find, select, race, stick and change, are sep's secret of being excellent in shanghai. so far, the company has developed a number of smart energy projects in the shanghai region. "finding hongqiao vc harbor project is the result of concerted efforts," said zhong wenjing, deputy general manager of sep crelead co. the key to developing integrated smart energy projects is to accurately "find" the areas and customers with such needs, and therefore, various affiliated companies of sep organized personnel to seek for the related projects. "hongqiao vc harbor is the core area of china's financial innovation clusters, which are high-end customers, and that's why we locked the project initially."

"through a combination of different technologies, different customer needs and different business models, we discover the opportunities and find out the value," said sep chairman wang yundan. the company will be based in the yangtze river delta region, adhere to being excellent in shanghai, and make positive explorations and practice in building a "model house" for integrated smart energy development as the pioneer and pacesetter of spic.

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