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spic website: sep minghua electric power to build new running track of rooftop pv

at the beginning of 2021, sep minghua electric power's new-type flexible pv pilot system was successfully put into operation.

the system adopted two types of flexible monocrystalline silicon pv modules, featuring thin and light appearance, flexibility, easy installation, economy and practicality, no light pollution, and suitable for use in combination with building roofs and facades and other scenarios. as an important part of the electrical laboratory platform of minghua electric power's integrated smart energy technology, the system laid a foundation for pv power generation quality and efficiency improvement technology r&d and further expansion of the new running track construction for rooftop pv.

also as one of the key tasks of minghua electric power to "ensure implementation", the system's operation data has met the design standard, with the current installation area of 80 square meters, the estimated annual power generation of 14,000 kwh, reducing co2 emissions by more than 10,000 kg each year, saving nearly rmb 20,000 in annual electricity expenses for the enterprise. the project has a relatively short payback period, and thus has a good replicability and value of promotion and application. minghua electric power will make full use of the pilot platform to carry out the diagnosis of pv module pollution degree, status diagnosis of pv string and inverter as well as the subject research of pv module power generation efficiency improvement, etc. the relevant research results will help the company accumulate and innovate in the quality and efficiency improvement technology of pv power plants.

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