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spic website: unit 2 boiler ceiling girders of sep hunutlu thermal power plant erected in turkey

on the afternoon of march 20, 2021, with the eighth ceiling girder erected in place, the work of ceiling girders of unit 2 boiler of sep hunutlu thermal power plant project was successfully completed, marking that the main frame of unit 2 boiler was basically finished, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up installation of heating surfaces.

in order to ensure the smooth completion of the lifting work of ceiling girders, the project team organized professionals from relevant construction units several times to review, revise and improve the erection operation scheme, taking into full consideration many details from the accurate positioning of the 800-ton caterpillar crane, calculation and testing of the lifting lug load of the ceiling girders, adjustment of the aerial steering of the ceiling girders, etc., determined the location and height of the aerial steering of the ceiling girders after simulated hoisting tests, and then finalized the execution scheme of the hoisting to ensure the absolute safety of the hoisting. during the erection process, the project team conducted the safety technical briefing before erection and the three-dimensional safety monitoring in the process strictly, overcame the difficulties such as the staggered occupation of large cranes in the erection area, heavy wind and rain on the shore in spring and lifting height of over 80 meters, and successfully completed the erection of eight ceiling girders.

hunutlu thermal power plant project started construction officially in turkey on september 22, 2019, and is expected to be completed in 2022. as the main construction and operation unit of the project, emba electricity production inc. (emba), sep's turkish subsidiary, guided by spic's strategic positioning of "an advanced energy technology developer, clean and low-carbon energy provider, and energy ecosystem integrator", is strengthening international cooperation in all aspects, actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, contributing to the local community, protecting the ecological environment, and pushing forward the construction of hunutlu thermal power plant into a clean, efficient, reliable and beautiful world-class power plant.

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