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spic website: sepm wins bid for gozo 'zero carbon island' energy storage demonstration project

on july 29, 2021, international renewable energy development ltd (iredl), a subsidiary of sep (malta) holding ltd. (sepm), won the bid for the 1mw/2mwh energy storage demonstration project on gozo island with enemalta plc (emc) as the project owner in the competition of malta's open tender for public services. on the same day, the two parties signed an award agreement, in accordance with which the company will build malta's first energy storage project at xewkija substation center on gozo island, malta, which is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of this year.

gozo island is the second largest island in malta, covering an area of 67 square kilometers. according to the actual situation of gozo island, the "zero carbon island" project adopts onshore pv and offshore floating wind power to produce green energy, coordinated with energy storage and integrated control technology, so as to ensure the efficient and reasonable dispatch of the island's electricity consumption and ultimately achieve the goal of "zero carbon".

as the first energy storage research project of emc and the first energy storage demonstration project of sep in europe, the project will provide a good reference for the company to continue to expand the scale development of energy storage application in malta in the future. sep will closely rely on the industrial capacity and technological advantages of spic in the fields of pv, wind power, hydrogen energy, energy storage, integrated smart energy, etc., strive to build gozo island into the first "zero carbon island" in the eu, and assist sepm in play the "future deck of cards" well.

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