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denitration project of no.2 unit in tianji power plant has smoothly passed 168

on september 12th at 8 o鈥檆lock, the denitration reconstruction project of no.2 unit in tianji power plant has smooth passed 168 pilot run and been put into official operation.

during the period of pilot run, the denitration system has been operation stably and reliably, with various sound performance indexes. the nitric oxide emission concentration at the denitration exit has been lowered down to 80mg/nm3, with a scr pressure difference as 270 pa, an ammonia escape rate鈮?ppm, and the proportion of the ammonia and air about 3.6%. all the indexes have been superior to those formulated in national emission standard of atmospheric pollutants by thermal power plant.

the first-phase denitration project of this power plant was constructed officially since october 20th, 2012, lasting 10 months. this project adopted scr, with liquid ammonia as its denitration reductant. the reconstruction contents include the installation of scr denitration device, reductant storage and preparation system, steel frame of boiler, fan bracket and air pre-heater reconstruction. since the starting of the project, the power plant has timely formed the project team, with the deputy production manager of the power plant as the general director and the manager assistant and assistant chief engineer as the deputy general director. guided by the principle of 鈥渃learly defined rights and liabilities, simplicity and high efficiency, harmony and coordination and smooth government decree鈥? the project team has organized various professional forces from production technology department, security & environment department, operation department, planning department and general affairs department to set up 6 work teams, including coordination team, quality acceptance team, start-up and commissioning team, safety and civilization supervision team, fire control and security team and material supply team, in order to ensure the efficient operation of denitration project management.

in order to ensure the on-time completion and commissioning of the denitration project, leaders of the power plant and staff of various departments have overcome various adverse elements, including tight schedule, narrow construction plant, large-volume 3d engineer operation, hysteretic design paper and equipment supply; held meetings on reconstruction coordination and regular meetings on safety weekly, to coordinate and solve various problems happened in design, equipment installation and commissioning and review major schemes; timely coordinated design party, construction party and supplying party; conducted process control over various key phases in raw material purchasing and equipment production; fully ensured the completion of this project in due time through optimizing construction sequence, bringing forward the start time of follow-up work as much as possible, increasing concurrent operation and nod controlling.

the no.1 denitration project of this power plant is also under construction. currently, csr steel frame lifting has been finished, and the exit and entrance flues are being installed; the project is expected to be put into operation early next year. (jin bo)

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