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zhang quan, chief of shanghai municipal environmental protection bureau, inspected shanghai-electric-power caojing power plant.

on august 9th, authorized by yang xiong, mayor of shanghai, zhang quan, chief of shanghai municipal environmental protection bureau, has inspected , accompanied by wang yundan, chairman of shanghai electric power, and listened to the related working report.

 wang yundan pointed out that shanghai-electric-power caojing power plant, in accordance with the advanced design idea, has been strictly implementing the related demands formulated by environmental protection-related departments strictly since its commissioning, inputting huge investment for installation, comprehensive utilization and reconstruction of flue gas waste heat and the installation of denitration catalyst, with its emission concentrations of flue dust, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide far better than the current national mission standards of pollutants.

he introduced that the plant, in order to further consolidate the harmonious relationship between local region and enterprise, has conducted the pair activity with the village zengfeng, town caojing, jinshan district, where it is located, to actively promote the cooperation between the local place and the enterprise to effectively improve local security, through helping and supporting the poor and promoting the economic strength of the village-run industries.

 he expressed that shanghai electric power, according to the demands on energy planning and environmental protection in china鈥檚 twelfth-five-year-plan, has particularly conducted a series of tests of cooperative treatment technology schemes of multiple pollutants to build up ultra-supercritical power unites featuring high parameter and capacity; made lots of attempts, such as bag-type dust removal, application research on collection technology of pm 2.5 microparticle bipolar charge in coal-fired power plant, 鈥? 1鈥?rotation-electrode-type combined electric precipitation, wet electric precipitation, etc. all of those new technologies will be promoted for application in the prospect caojing expansion project phase ii, to ensure its emission level both lower than the limiting value of key areas and the emission level of compressor-turbine units.


zhang quan has highly confirmed the efforts made by shanghai electric power and shanghai-electric-power caojing power plant in terms of environmental protection. he stressed that the plant shall further strengthen the refined management, be precautious beforehand in terms of the operation and maintenance of environmental protection facilities, noise prevention and treatment and lighting optimization. he urged the plant to further strengthen its technology innovation, try its best to reduce the emission of pollutants; continue the cooperation between plant and village, to let residents living around share the results of reform and development. he also wished that jinshan district government shall strengthen the public opinion guidance, persuade and educate the public carefully and thoroughly, make scientific and objective study and judgment on the causes of unstable elements, and make various prearranged planning for safeguard stability treatment.

zhang quan and other accompanied personnel also visited the coal unloading terminal and central operation control room of shanghai-electric-power caojing power plant.

he has highly praised the environmental protection facilities in the plant, including the round coal field, enclosed coal transporting trestle, etc; and pointed out that shanghai-electric-power caojing power plant is a gorgeous power plant featuring advanced ideas, scientific layout and beautiful environment.

in the central operation control room, he has personally checked the monitor screen of environmental protection facilities; highly praised the actual emission values of smoke, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide; sent sunstroke prevention stuff to condole workers on duty in the operation team, encouraged the employees of the plant to make persistent efforts to provide more green, clean and ecological power support for the economic and social development of shanghai.

 related personnel of shanghai municipal development and reform commission, economic and information commission, jinshan district government, shanghai electric power and caojing power plant have accompanied zhang quan during the process of inspection (caojing power plant).

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