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shanghai electric power held an exchange meeting of qhse system construction

on july 8th, shanghai electric power held the exchange meeting on qhse management system construction and phased work report of authentication project. wang yundan, chairman of shanghai electric power, liu guangchi, gm of shanghai electric power and wang guoliang, secretary of discipline inspection commission and labor union chairman, have attended the meeting, hosted by xing lianzhong, deputy gm of shanghai electric power. related personnel of various departments of the headquarters, writing team of qhse system document and accenture consulting company have also attended the meeting.


wang yundan pointed out that launching the construction of qhse system is the only road for shanghai electric power to become the world-leading energy enterprise initiatively and realize the 鈥済oing-abroad鈥?development strategy required by the group. he urged that launching qhse system construction shall give consideration to standardization and enterprise operation rate, namely the plant shall considerate the management status and operability while following the pdca circle to constantly improve and upgrade the management level. various departments and units of the company shall be the 鈥済ood student鈥?and 鈥済ood athlete鈥?during the process of qhse system construction and implementation; take the content of qhse system construction into kpi performance assessment, follow the principle of 鈥渨ell definition of power and responsibility鈥? carry out the work according to the responsibility assignment and planning nodes. besides strengthening coordination and cooperation and giving full play to various assurance departments, such as production assurance department, the company shall also strengthen the guide book for the on-spot operation of three-level units and the guidance for the on-spot implementation of the guide book.


liu guangchi pointed out that qhse system construction and certification for standard implementation is necessary for shanghai electric power to become the world-leading energy enterprise, to upgrade its management level, to gain recognition of the world as well as the concrete expression of its management innovation; he hoped that various departments shall combine the system construction, integrate and improve company鈥檚 institutional system and follow the demands of the standard implementation of the system.

the meeting has confirmed liu guangchi, gm of the company, as the administrator of qhse system, xing lianzhong, deputy dm, as the representative of administrator, and regulated that the approval process of qhse system documents shall accord with the approval process of the company鈥檚 rules and regulations.

the meeting has also discussed and confirmed the current progress of qhse management system construction proposed by the consulting company, the certification time of the headquarters and various three-level units, functional distribution of various departments of the headquarters, work planning of the next phase, etc. (zhu peimin, gu hongji)

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