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the 2013 second extraordinary general meeting was held successfully

銆€銆€on december 16, 2013 the second extraordinary general meeting was successfully held in shanghai jiushi building conference center. totally 59 shareholders and proxies attended the meet the directors, supervisors and senior managers of the company, staff from relevant departments and lawyers attended as a nonvoting delegate.

銆€銆€commissioned by chairman wang yundan, president liu guangchi chaired the meeting.

銆€銆€the 鈥楻esolution of change of 2013 audit institutions鈥?was discussed and passed at the meeting.

銆€銆€at the meeting, liu guangchi and company executives as well as investors had a full communication and exchanges. liu guangchi also answered the questions related to company operation and development that concerned the investors.

銆€銆€through careful discussion and consideration, the meeting, by means of poll, passed the proposal submitted by the investors. the board of directors, supported by the shareholders, will continue to make economic development, increase profits, promote harmony and strive to fulfill business objectives and tasks, effectively protecting and safeguarding the fundamental interests of all the shareholders.

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