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sep held 2013 annual general meeting

    on june 20, sep 2013 annual general meeting was held in the conference center of shanghai jiushi building. totally 63 shareholders and agents, sep directors, supervisors, senior executives and related department managers and lawyers attended this meeting. the meeting was presided by chairman wang yundan.

    the meeting examined 14 resolutions including resolution on co-opting independent directors, 2013 annual report of the board of directors, 2013 annual report of the board of supervisors, 2013 annual financial final cost & 2014 financial budget report, 2013 report and summary and 2013 profit distribution plan etc. all the resolutions were approved through voting.

    with the strong supports from the shareholders, sep will follow the goal and suggestion come up on the meeting and make greater effort to implement the development strategy, promote quality transformation, build good public image, complete goal and tasks and effectively protect and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of all the shareholders.

    chairman wang yundan and senior executives made full communications and exchanges with investors and answered the questions that shareholders were interested especially in overseas development and new energy development



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