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deputy secretary general of shanghai municipal party committee inspects sep subsidiary on epidemic control, work resumption

on the afternoon of february 19, 2020, ma lesheng, deputy secretary general of shanghai municipal party committee, deputy secretary of municipal commission for discipline inspection and deputy director of municipal supervisory commission, accompanied by xie jiangang, secretary of yangpu district party committee, went to minghua electric power to inspect the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan participated in the inspection.

at changyang campus, ma lesheng and his delegation went to the office of minghua electric power to check the epidemic prevention and control work, inquired about the situation of the company's resumption of work and production, and listened to the work report on epidemic prevention and control by sep.

ma lesheng fully affirmed minghua electric power for the positive practice of early planning, early actions and early precautions as well as efforts to cooperate with the campus to implement joint prevention and control in the process of epidemic prevention and control. he pointed out that minghua electric power, as a high-tech enterprise engaged in serving the key industry to ensure people's livelihood, must implement the prevention and control measures strictly, orderly, accurately and meticulously without letup, while  refining and executing shanghai's guidelines on work resumption according to local conditions, directing all the staff to resume work and production in a normal state, fulfilling the social responsibility, demonstrating the accountability of a central soe, and striving to win the victory in this two-front battle of combating the epidemic and achieving the enterprise's development goals.

on the same day, wang yundan inspected the situation of epidemic prevention and control at minghua electric power, and inquired about the work arrangements of personnel access, quarantine inspection, epidemic prevention supplies guarantee and resumption of work and production in detail. he underlined the following requirements for the company: first, further strengthen the party leadership; second, carry out spic's "21 guidelines on work resumption" item by item on the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, to guarantee the orderly and safe resumption of work and production; third, follow spic's requirement of "leading by one kilometer", make overall plans for the annual targets and tasks as well as the analysis, judgment and planning of key work in the special stage of epidemic prevention and control, continue to carry forward the "three-thousands" hardworking spirit, and lay a solid foundation for completing the annual goals and tasks.

the related leaders of shanghai yangpu technology & innovation group co., ltd. and shanghai changyang campus enterprise development co., ltd. and main leaders of sep general office and minghua electric power also joined in the inspection.

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