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wang yundan, wei juliang inspect minhang gas-fired power generation

on may 27, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, and the company's main leader wei juliang, went to minhang gas-fired power generation to inspect the project construction progress.

wang yundan, wei juliang and their delegation visited the construction site of minhang gas-fired power generation project, conducted an inspection on quality and safety, listened to the report on the project progress by minhang gas-fired power generation, the development on digital twin and smart power plant construction by minghua electric power and the external conditions progress of project construction by sep planning and development department, gave credit to the related work and provided instructions for the next-step work.

wang yundan put forward a few requirements as follows: first, minhang gas-fired power generation should have high standards and strict requirements on itself and all participating units, strengthen process management and process control, enhance quality management and quality control, build the project into a green, environment-friendly, digital, intelligent first-class demonstration gas-fired power plant and high-quality project in shanghai, and strive for a quality gold award. second, in the process of project construction, attach great importance to risks, attempt to avoid risks through controlling details and moving forward defense line, and improve control of various risks concerning the project. third, centering on sep pro platform, integrate emerging digital and smart technologies into the overall design of minhang gas-fired power generation, complete the construction of minhang gas-fired power generation smart power plant and digital twin project, and achieve practicality, innovation and foresight.

wei juliang pointed out that the construction of digital twin power plant is a highlight of minhang gas-fired power generation project, and thus innovation should be carried out persistently centering on benefits. second, strengthen management and control of the project construction safety, quality, schedule and cost, and sort out the relationship between the infrastructure project in the early stage and the production and operation in the later stage. third, minhang gas-fired power generation project should reflect the advantages of demonstration units and actively strive for preferential policies. fourth, check the quality of infrastructure construction well before making preparations for production, and ensure seamless connection between infrastructure construction and production. fifth, continue to focus on work safety, and implement various requirements for work safety strictly, especially the "zero casualty" requirement.

sep deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, and persons in charge of sep general office, planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, science and information technology department, production department, engineering management department, audit and internal control department, preparation office of minhang gas-fired power generation project, and minghua electric power joined in the inspection.

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