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wang yundan, wei juliang unveil sep news center

on the morning of may 29, 2020, the opening ceremony of sep news center was held at the company headquarters. sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan and the company's main leader wei juliang unveiled the news center. the company's party committee members and deputy presidents guo baohong, huang chen and xia meixing, party committee member and cfo chen wenhao, and party committee member and discipline inspection committee secretary li e attended the ceremony.

at the ceremony, wang yundan congratulated the establishment of sep news center. he pointed out that news center, as a supporting platform serving the reform and development of the company, should follow the requirement of striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter in implementing spic's strategy,  and attempt to rank among the best in spic. on the one hand, news center should disseminate information, promote positive energy with correct value orientation, bring warmth to the staff and unite them, and on the other hand, it should collect information, strengthen public opinion monitoring, and create a good public opinion environment for the reform, development and stability of the enterprise, wang said. with a team of young and vigorous employees with a good professional background, news center should work boldly and innovatively, transmit the voice of spic and sep timely, and assist sep in becoming excellent in shanghai, superior in china and strong in the world, he stressed.

wei juliang indicated that sep news center, as another news center affiliated to spic subsidiary which was established following spic news center, should intensify the depth of digging news, strengthen team capacity building, utilize all kinds of publicity platform well, maintain good relationship with external media, further publicize enterprise management and innovation practices, and raise the brand awareness and image of sep constantly.

other leaders the company put forward their hopes and requirements for the center from the aspects of being a good mouthpiece of the party, sticking to the position of public opinion, focusing on the propaganda work, paying attention to hot issues, improving the quality of work and striving for the first-class in spic.

sep human resources department read out the documents concerning the establishment of news center and the appointment of relevant cadres.

the related leaders of sep general office, human resources department and corporate culture department, and all the staff of sep news center participated in the ceremony.

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