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wang yundan, wei juliang conduct survey on spic zhejiang branch

on june 5, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, the company's main leader wei juliang, and their delegation, went to spic zhejiang branch for investigation and exchange. spic zhejiang branch president and deputy party secretary liu xingyi, party secretary, deputy president and labor union chairman ji guoping and party committee members and deputy presidents zou jianming, huang chuan'an, deng sen and zhu wenwei attended the event.

following the on-site survey on the production and operation center of zhejiang branch in hangzhou, the two sides held a research exchange meeting.

at the meeting, wang yundan said that in order to promote the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035", development is fundamental, quality is the foundation and innovation is the driving force. both sides should strengthen communication and cooperation in basic management, reform and innovation and regional exchanges to form synergy. sep will give full play to the advantage of listed company, and provide support for zhejiang new energy company regarding project development, capital, etc. as always.

with regard to project development and work integration, wei juliang shared relevant experience with the meeting participants combining years of work experience.

liu xingyi welcomed the visit of wang yundan and wei juliang, and introduced the company's recent work, development priorities and next-step work. he also expressed that the company will make every effort to complete various annual targets on schedule.

sep deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, and heads of sep general office, human resources department, finance department, capital markets and investor relations department, policy and legal affairs department, production department, corporate culture department and zhejiang branch participated in the event.

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