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sep holds 2020 q2 safety production committee meeting

on april 27, sep held the safety production committee meeting for the second quarter of 2020. wang yundan, chairman, party secretary and director of safety production committee presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. president, deputy party secretary and deputy director of safety production committee wang huaiming, and party committee members, deputy presidents and members of safety production committee guo baohong and huang chen attended the meeting.

the meeting participants studied the three-year action plan for national work safety rectification announced by work safety committee of the state council, listened to report on the q1 work safety situation and the next-stage working arrangement made by production department and safety, quality and environmental protection department, analyzed the current situation and main problems existing in work safety, and made deployment for the key production safety tasks in the next phase.

first, firmly establish the concept of safe development, and carry out three-year action plan on production safety rectification with a high degree of political responsibility.

second, focus on the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, ensure that various prevention and control measures shall not be relaxed, emergency response plans not slackened, and epidemic prevention supplies not reduced.

third, speed up the normalization of production safety work, adhere to moving forward the defense lines, focusing on the goal of "zero casualties" with full implementation of the enterprise's entity responsibility, carry out various measures in a strict, pragmatic and meticulous manner, pay special attention to promoting the contractor work safety rectification, hse system construction, typhoon and flood prevention and related work, and continue to improve safety risk control ability.

fourth, accomplish the quality and efficiency improvement in existing assets solidly, strengthen benchmarking within the industry and within the region, implement spic's action items of "double benchmarking and double incentives", and boost the enhancement of key production indicators.

fifth, continue to promote the construction of qhse management system with quality improvement as the core, keep on promoting the integration and compatibility of the system, and enhance the execution capacity of the system.

sixth, have a deep understanding of the importance and urgency of ecological and environmental protection work. conduct a strict review of compliance on newly reconstructed or expanded projects, and m&a projects with respect to ecological and environmental protection and heritage conservation. continue to carry out self-inspection and self-correction, and implement the actions of improvement in ecological and environmental protection and related problem rectification.

sep general counsel wu ming, deputy chief engineer dai sufeng and members of safety production committee participated in the meeting.

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